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Culture Academy is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that catalyzes transformation, bringing together corporations and organizations that share our mission, vision, and the imperative to lift young creatives into a sphere of expansiveness where they can thrive in career pathways in Design, Marketing, and the Arts.


Facilitating exposure, expansion, and the reimagining of communities through innovation to fulfill today’s dreams while shaping tomorrow’s promise.  


To provide transformative experiences and programming for young creatives of color

while shifting the culture's narrative and

trajectory by being the spark that ignites 

ah-ha moments in their lives, permitting them to follow their dreams AS they grow up, not when.


To be the liaison between young people’s dreams and their fulfillment by standing at the intersection of culture, education, exposure, and opportunities to create pathways for rising creators of color.

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A first-of-its-kind program presented by Culture Academy, Mogul-In-Residence™ provides educational institutions, organizations, and clubs the opportunity to meet, work, and grow with industry-leading professionals worldwide. Mogul-In-Residence™  brings dreams to fruition, allowing young creatives of color to see, touch, and believe that their dreams are valid while bestowing industry giants the honor of being named Mogul-In-Residence™. 

Mogul-In-Residence™ provides host institutions with curated experiences: 1-day Masterclass, 3 Months, or 6 Months, with a Mogul of their desired field. Culture Academy will work alongside the host institution to determine the goal, objectives, and commemorative project. 

This program is designed to provide representation to underserved communities, tapping into the abracadabra young creatives of color naturally possess while giving them the tools, encouragement, and support necessary to accomplish their dreams. 



Curated for young creatives of color in middle and high school, Black by Design will provide curriculum and pathways to design tracks for some of the world’s leading automotive companies, allowing them to drive their dreams to the next level! Black By Design is committed to shrinking the gap between creatives of color in Automotive Design. (Currently, only 3.5% of Automotive Designers are black)

When did you first fall in love with hip-hop? Was it the graffiti-filled sets of The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff's iconic music videos or the wood-lined desk on the MisEducation of Lauryn Hill's album cover? Was it the cadence of the English language flowing eloquently on top of a precisely designed beat sure to make you move or was it the design of the staging, lights, and live band that captured the atmosphere and energy of your first live concert?


From Bad Boys and Death Row Record Labels’ logos that divided a nation, to the iconic visuals brought forth by the King of Pop (yes, we’re including him) and the Queen of Hip Hop, Missy Elliott, to the artwork on the albums that were the soundtrack of a generation – art and design are intertwined throughout hip-hop.


Hip to the CULTURE: The Art of Hip Hop is an interactive experiential designed to reintroduce the world’s most popular genre of music through its contributions to the world of art and design while creating pipelines into the careers of entertainment marketing, A&R, writing, cinematography, costume & set design, and live events!

The A.I.C. Project elevates participants through partnerships with leading corporations to provide complimentary financial literacy, health & wellness, and career readiness training for young people AND their families.

The A.I.C. Project will prepare communities of color for tomorrow, today, by addressing the needs of the whole individual and helping them develop competencies and skills necessary for professional advancement. This program is designed to unmask, unmute, and unleash the abracadabra* of people of color now and for generations to come.


*abracadabra: I create as I speak

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